Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Undergraduate Research at the Capitol

 Last week Dr. Mary Katherine Waibel-Duncan and Psychology students Meghan Weeks and Ellie Benner participated in the 2012 Undergraduate Research Conference at the Capitol. Both students offer their views on the event below.

Meghan and Ellie with Senator John Gordner ...

My colleague (Ellie Benner, Psychology major), research advisor (Dr. Mary Katherine Duncan, Professor of Psychology, and I (Meghan Weeks, Psychology major) recently presented a poster on the “Development of Y.O.O. Rock Columbia County II: Youth Outreach Opportunities for Families, Children, and Youth” and distributed complimentary copies of the reference guide at the Undergraduate Research Conference at the Capitol in Harrisburg, PA.  We were honored to represent Bloomsburg University and are most grateful to the College of Liberal Arts for sponsoring our travel.

During our time at the Capitol, we met with many legislators including Representative David Millard (Columbia County), Senator John Gordner (Columbia County), Representative Jerry Stern (Blair County) and Representative Rick Geist (Blair County). Representative Stern even posted our picture on his home page! All of these gentlemen graciously welcomed us, inquired about our project, and noted the value of undergraduate research in preparing young women and men for advanced study. In addition to presenting our research to a learned audience, we had the opportunity to speak with other students and faculty from colleges and universities across the Commonwealth about their research accomplishments. We also had the honor of being recognized by the Speaker of the House during an official House session.

--Meghan Weeks

... with Representative David Millard
The Undergraduate Research Conference at the Capitol was all of what I had hoped for and more. Meghan Weeks, Dr. Duncan, and I were pleased to have been able to meet with four legislators throughout the day, speaking with them about both our research as well as current political issues. We presented our poster and research project to numerous students from other Pennsylvania colleges as well as to faculty from various institutions as well. The student researchers were also given the opportunity to travel to the House of Representatives to be recognized in front of the Members of the House for our research accomplishments. Overall the day was a uniquely enriching experience that I will forever remember. I thank you for the opportunity to travel to the Capitol to have this monumental experience.

--Ellie Benner

... and with Representatives Jerry Stern and Rick Geist and Dr. Duncan

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