Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Themes in Art Exhibition on Display in Old Science Hall Lobby

There are many methodologies that can be employed in analyzing and investigating the meaning of art objects. One such line of investigation that affords insight and allows for a multi-cultural approach is to investigate cultural themes in art.

The current exhibition, now on display in the Old Science Hall lobby, is the final phase of a small group project assignment for the Art & Art History Department’s Museum Exhibition class.

View of Themes in Art Exhibition
Each group was assigned a theme in art – death, war, religion, pleasure, and survival –and provided with artifacts predetermined by the instructor, Professor Heath Patten. Their task was to create and install a display for their objects with appropriate lighting, props, and didactic signage. Each group was evaluated on their success in display preparation, installation, artifact documentation, and integration of their artifacts into the theme.

The assignment was intended to engage students with artifacts and to have them consider the ways in which art objects are presented and interpreted for the public. Additionally, this project was designed to teach students how to handle, conserve, inventory, and describe art objects through the lens of a museum curator. This assignment not only gave students experience with art objects, but it also provided lessons in group dynamics and problem-solving as well as issues of cultural sensitivity when dealing with foreign, past and present, art objects.

The exhibition will be on display through March 14, 2013. Come visit the exhibit and enjoy the students’ hard work.

--Contributed by Professor Heath Patten

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