Thursday, October 1, 2015

Haas Gallery hosts exhibition

Currently exhibiting her one person show at the Haas Gallery of Art is Margi Weir, a multimedia artist from Detroit, Michigan who teaches multiple disciplines of art media at Wayne State University.

The exhibition runs through October 8. Ms. Weir will present a gallery talk at 1:15 pm on that date, and  the closing reception will run from 11 to 2 pm. All are invited.

Ms. Weir's work is  complicated, big, boldly colorful, and deeply meaningful. She writes:

In my work I use a computer to repeat images that I stitch together visually in order to make an appealing pattern, often resulting in tapestry-like, spatially flattened compositions. Through decorative patterning, the work of art draws the viewer into a slowly unfurling narrative that invites a discussion about ecology and/or sociopolitical realities of the contemporary world around us. Meaning is implied by the juxtaposition of images. Conclusions are left to the viewer in the hope that a continued questioning will be inspired by the work of art. 

These images are exhibited in several formats. I frame the digital prints on rag paper. I enlarge the images and combine them with acrylic paint, vinyl, and resin on panel for large scale layered paintings or, for very large installation work, I apply vinyl directly on the walls, windows, or floors of a gallery space. 

Visit the Haas Gallery to learn more!

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