Wednesday, April 3, 2013

BU Anthropology Students Present at National Conference

Bloomsburg University Anthropology students participated at the 73rd Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meetings in Denver, Colorado March 19-25, 2013 under the theme-Natural Resource Distribution and Development in the 21st Century.  Students presented posters on research, internship, and applied projects.

They also attended a roundtable organized by Faith Warner and with DeeAnne Wymer and Gabrielle Vielhauer as discussants where they learned more about preparing for graduate school from representatives of the leading graduate programs in applied anthropology in the U.S.


STEFFEN II, Julie A. and WARNER, Faith (Bloomsburg U) The Perceived Costs and Benefits of Fracking in Central Pennsylvania
BARRILE, Gabriel and LEACH, Amanda (Bloomsburg U) Comparison of Time Budgeting between Free-Ranging and Captive Ateles Geoffroyi

BILDER, Shannon and DAURIA, Susan (Bloomsburg U) The Creation of a Multi-disciplinary Applied Research Program for Undergraduates within a Liberal Arts College, Using the Concept-model of an Anthropological Field-school
DOWNS, LaurelGREVERA, MikeWAGNER, Natalie, and DAURIA, Susan (Bloomsburg U) Bloomsburg University Students Create an Educational Anthropology/Archaeology Summer Camp Program for Community Children
SHAFFER, Krysta (Bloomsburg U) The Impact of Fracking on Rural Communities in Central Pennsylvania (travel supported by the College of Liberal Arts)
VIELHAUER, Gabrielle (Bloomsburg U) Industrial Archaeology within the Forest
(travel supported by the College of Liberal Arts)
Paper Presentation
MUWOMBI, Jimmy (Bloomsburg U) Disaster Anthropology, Assessment, and Support in a Flood-Prone Community of Central Pennsylvania (on a session entitled Disaster Perception and Preparedness)

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