Thursday, October 31, 2013

Five Gender Studies Students to Present Research in Andruss Library

Five students minoring in Gender Studies will present their research projects to the university community on Tuesday, November 5, at 10 a.m. in the Andruss Library's Schweiker Room.

Michelle Mattar will present “Digging Deeper: Why Does Archaeology Continue to Struggle With Gender?” The purpose of this research is to investigate the reasons for the field of archaeology to continue struggling with the topic of gender equality. When compared to the other sub-fields of anthropology, it is obvious that archaeology remains unsettled in the acceptance and acknowledgment of gender.

Venyamína McIvor will discuss "Transmisogyny: the Assumptions We Make about Female Bodies, And How They Subjugate Our Sisterhood" which describes the vitriolic misogyny that transgendered women experience and how essentialist notions of gender have a caustic effect on the wellbeing of all women.

Karli Miller's presentation, "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: The Progression of LGBTQ* Rights in the World," will explore the progression of rights of LGBTQ people all over the world, including the most current events regarding law.

Katelyn Shoemaker's presentation, entitled “Women in Politics,” focuses on the central question, if Americans are open and willing to elect a woman as president. The project looks into the gender gap in voting that exists in the United States and how that affects women's ability based on gender to be elected to the executive office.

Albra Wheeler will present "The Wonderbra: Oppression vs. Liberation in Capitalistic Patriarchal Society" which examines the rhetorical implications of the Wonderbra. The critique offers a polysemic reading of the bra through diverse feminist lenses. The project seeks to determine whether the Wonderbra functions rhetorically as a form of bondage to, or as a form of liberation from, a patriarchal society.

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