Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good Work!

Jennifer Johnson, Mary Katherine Duncan, Joan Miller, Howard Gardner,
Danial Haverstock, Elizabeth Lucas, Lynn Barendsen, and Wendy Fischman

Have you ever thought about what it means to do good work as a faculty, staff, or student at Bloomsburg University?  Who are your role models of good work?  How have you demonstrated good work?  Elizabeth Lucas and Danial Haverstock accompanied Drs. Jennifer Johnson (Psychology), Mary Katherine Duncan (Psychology), and Joan Miller (Nursing) to Harvard University on May 22, 2012 to share findings from the Fall 2011 BU Good Work Initiative with Good Work leaders at Project Zero including Dr. Howard Gardner, Lynn Barendsen, Wendy Fischman, and Margot Locker.  Dr. Gardner and his colleagues commended BU’s Good Work team for its pioneering efforts to advance the banner of Good Work, offered valuable recommendations for furthering Good Work research and practice on our campus, and extended an invitation for continued collaboration through monthly conferencing.

Ellie wrote, “Over the last year I was a part of the BU Good Work Initiative. After conducting reflective sessions with students enrolled in the ACT 101 program, I decided to make the project the focus of my senior capstone independent study project. During the Spring 2012, I participated in a weekly research workgroup with Drs. Johnson, Duncan, and Miller. Today at Harvard, we met with a distinguished group of scholars and had the most natural conversation about what the BU Good Work Initiative has accomplished. It was very rewarding to voice my experiences and ideas.”\

Dan wrote, “Today we went to Harvard to meet with Dr. Howard Gardner and his colleagues. We discussed opportunities to advance the message of Good Work on our campus during the 2012-2013 academic year. I look forward to extending the Good Work Initiative through my role in the Psychology Association, Freshmen Orientation, and the Office of Student Standards.”

Drs. Johnson, Duncan, and Miller commented, “It was tremendously gratifying to learn that Dr. Gardner and his colleagues were ‘very impressed’ with the BU Good Work Initiative. Consultation with the Good Work team has prompted further reflection on the ways educators can nurture excellence and model responsibility at Bloomsburg University. We remain committed to our goal of creating a culture of good work at the university where all can excel as citizens in a complex society. We are looking forward to kicking off the 2012-2013 academic year with a Good Work-inspired Freshmen Summer Reading and Freshmen Orientation.”

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