Friday, September 21, 2012

Tradition and Excellence

For many years the Dean's Salute to Excellence award has been represented by a glass apple given to the awardee. This year, the College of Liberal Arts had the privilege of presenting the recipients with glass apples that carried special significance, in that they were individually hand-crafted by Bloomsburg artist and 1969 BU alumnus Bill Wise.

Several members of the College of Liberal Arts staff visited Bill's Bloomsburg studio in August to learn about glassblowing and watch as he created one of these beautiful apples. The visit was filmed and edited by Mass Communications major Matt Benek.

What could be a more fitting salute to excellence in the Liberal Arts than these apples, traditional symbols of knowledge and learning, created by hand, individually, through a two thousand year-old process augmented by the latest technologies? What better metaphor for the excellent work of our faculty?

Thank you, Bill Wise, for your generous gift!

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