Thursday, April 16, 2015

Anthropology Students Present Research at National Conference

In anticipation of the PASSHE Undergraduate Research Conference that will be hosted by Bloomsburg University on April 25 and 26, check out what some BU Anthropology students have been doing.

Last December, BU Anthropology students presented original research at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings in Washington D.C. in the invited poster session “First Rites: Innovative Undergraduate Research in Anthropology” peer-reviewed by the Society for Visual Anthropology.

Students were mentored by Dr. Faith Warner in Methods in Cultural Anthropology and Applied Anthropology, and through an URSCA award in summer 2014. Their travel was supported by the College of Liberal Arts.
Back to the Stacks: New Methods and Questions in the Longitudinal Andruss Library Ethnography Project 
Cassandra McMillen and Ian Matthew Johnson  

Gay and Lesbian Rights in Africa: African Perspectives at U.S.
Bryan Andrew Molk

Total Freedom on the Dark Side of the Internet: A Cyberethnography of 4Chan
Benjamin Gilbert Tice (research conducted through an URSCA award, summer 2014)

Anthropologists and Missionaries: A Controversial Relationship
Meghan Elizabeth Boarts

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